The Language Technology Resources collection (LTR) is an on-line repository of data and tools for language analysis, comprising for example raw and annotated text corpora for a range of languages. The majority of LTR data resources come from the Linguistic Data Consortium (LDC), but there are materials from other sources too, and the LTR maintainers are open to inclusion of additional resources. Please see the contact information for instructions on how to suggest new entries to the LTR maintainers or, quite generally, ask for assistance or give feedback.

As of early 2011, the LTR repository is still in its infancy. From a large collection of CDs, DVDs, and other sources, twenty or so resources have been made available opportunistically, reflecting common needs and user demands. So far, the focus is on language data resources, thus there are no tools installed yet (in fact, our strategy for inclusion of ready-to-run language technologies in the repository still needs to be fully worked out). In the course of 2011, the LTR maintainers expect to significantly expand the breadth of resources available; in the meantime, feel free to make contact with us and ask for specific resources (see above).


The repository is hosted as part of the national NorStore storage infrastructure; we are grateful to the NorStore maintainers and specifically the UiO Research Computing Services group, who operate the Oslo NorStore node, as well as to the Norwegian tax payer. The repository has received financial support from the UiO Department of Informatics (for LDC membership since 2007) and the Department of Linguistics and Nordic Studies (for LDC membership between 1995 and 2003).

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